Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing at Gungahlin College

Our model of student pastoral care and wellbeing is centred around a House model working together with faculty teachers and specialist staff using the response to intervention (RTI) approach.

We provide a wide range of universal, selected and targeted protection and support strategies, based on each student's needs. We work to support the study and career Pathways plans and goals of each individual, to enable the growth of every student at their academic, social and emotional levels, in partnership with their families/caregivers, teachers and our community agencies.


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Our staff establish strong positive relationships with the students and families that belong to their House. A House team member will be at the Wellbeing hub (Green upstairs Student Services) on your House Line on your timetable (shown as Pastoral Care) should you ever need assistance. They also organise fortnightly House Meetings and Enrichment activities, displayed on the tv and poster displays in the Wellbeing hub (Student Services).

Support During the Pupil-Free & Online Teaching & Learning Period

Just as the Directors of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing recommend to our staff to read fact-checked, positive and helpful readings, considering joining different groups which share our interests and build positive communities, and to also consider reaching out to experts, specialist supports and key people/groups who can help us during this time of change, we wanted to provide a list of helpful sites, groups and supports to help all our students and families.

Please use them, share links and groups you discover, and let us know who you find is helpful as we all support each other during the pupil-free period and online teaching and learning. Also check your House Team's google site for their helpful social, emotional and positive mental health resources, ideas posted often, and the online House Meeting presentations created for you and your family.

Matt and Colin

Gungahlin College Directors of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Get the facts (medical, scientific and community expertise):

Support from Gungahlin College to answer questions and provide school and wellbeing advice:

  • Email your Gungahlin House Team (see the 'House Pages' list with their links below) to ask Qs/book a phone conversation (with or without a support person or family with you on the call)
  • Book an appointment for a phone consultation with the Gungahlin Psychologist David (with or without your support person/family)
  • Email the Gungahlin Defence Support Mentor Marina to ask Qs/book a phone conversation
  • Email the Gungahlin Indigenous Support Officer Lea to ask Qs/book a phone conversation
  • Email the Gungahlin Youth Worker Jamie to ask Qs/book a phone conversation (note: Jamie’s availability may vary due to his teaching practicum placements and/or SES needs)

For counselling and support 24/7 –

Messengers Youth Drop-In is now at Gungahlin!

* Update! * With the pupil free period in place for safety, health and wellbeing, our Messengers Youth Drop-In has gone fully online via our two social media communities - please visit and join us anytime! Facebook & Instagram

In a partnership between Messengers ACT, y-engage Gungahlin, the Multicultural Youth Service, Barnardos, the Northside Community Service and Gungahlin College, every Wednesday from week 3 (February 19, 2020)  students aged 12-25 can drop in for free food, sports, art, casual conversations and also advice from youth workers trained in a range of youth issues.

Our network feeder schools have joined the program, meaning our transitions and community partnerships are only strengthening.

If any families or businesses would like to contribute resources to support our new Messengers program, the organising team will talk to the students and invest these in materials to support positive social, emotional, academic and mental health activities for all young people.

See you at Messengers!