Aquila (Line 2)

Whole School Notices

  1. Are you interested in helping in Wear it Purple Week community activities? Please talk to David (in Maths) or Matt
  2. Are you interested in assisting with the Gungahlin College Remembrance Service (as an organiser, usher, artist etc)? Please talk to Marina (Brekky Club or her office) or Matt ASAP

House Notices

House Meetings

Our house will have fortnightly meetings on odd weeks.

Yr 11 House Meetings-In the NEXUS
Week 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17:
Friday, Line 2

Yr 12 House MeetingsWeek 15:  Wednesday, Line 2 (Nexus)
Week 17:
Wednesday, Line 2 (Lecture Theatre)

Contact Us

Email the Aquila House team at

Team MemberRole

Lisa Green

House Coordinator

Emily Appleton

House Assistant