Elite Programs

Gifted and Talented Programs

Gungahlin College Gifted and Talented

Gungahlin College Gifted and Talented is a school within a school for high performing students. Enrolment in Gungahlin College Gifted and Talented enables our staff to better meet the specific needs of gifted and talented students and to promote high academic expectations.

Year 10 SMART Program

The SMART selective program is open to all students in the ACT. It is designed for students who show interest and aptitude or potential in Science, Mathematics and Related Technologies and who are prepared and keen to develop effective and responsible learning skills in preparation for Years 11 and 12, post-secondary studies and other post-school options.

Performing Arts Immersion Stream

The Performing Arts Immersion Stream (PAIS) is designed to support, encourage and mentor students who are committed to excelling in the Performing Arts and are considering a future career in this field.

Sports Development Program

Applications for the Sports Development Program in 2022 will occur after students complete the formal enrolment process at Gungahlin College. An application form will be uploaded here in the near future. Stay tuned...