Student Welfare: Connect

student at Gungahlin College

Our model of student welfare is centred around Connect classes of around fifteen students. The 'Connect' teacher is the first point of call for parents when wishing to discuss issues of student welfare and well-being. Our staff establish strong relationships with the students and families that belong to their Connect class.

The Connect teacher aims to:

  • Provide a positive and meaningful teacher/student relationship
  • Be a source of advocacy for each student
  • Along with the student develop an Individual Pathways Plan
  • Track, monitor, report and evaluate students' achievements, standards and progress

Connect, at Gungahlin College, is more than just 'roll call' or weekly notices. It is a 6th class for students and delivers our specially designed Connected Learning course. This course covers essential material in teaching students 'how to learn', especially in the context of an ACT Government College. As students move to Year 12, the Connect curriculum starts to focus on leadership and then life-long learning and contribution to community. Thus, students are explicitly prepared for the transition to a post-school world.

Our Houses

Our large student population is divided up into four houses: Draco, Hydra, Orion, and Phoenix.

Each House has a coordinator, overseeing the:

  • Delivery of our 'Connect' program
  • Student achievement and wellbeing of students in a particular house
  • Coordination of College activities that foster 'competitive spirit' between the houses House activities organised by our House Coordinator team are designed to promote student wellbeing and a thriving college community.

House coordinators are supported by the Director of Student Achievement and Wellbeing, a school counsellor, careers and transition officers, the defence transition mentor and the Student Administration team. Our college executive structure, too, is aligned around student welfare where each Associate Principal of the college is responsible for a specific year group and moves with them from pre-enrolment through to graduation.

House Coordinators




Draco Aaron
Hydra Betty
Phoenix Trudy