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Our Learning Environment

Gungahlin College's learning environment provides choices. Students and teachers can work together to select and manipulate the environments to suit their needs. The spaces have been designed to connect, extend and integrate learning experiences. People, resources, technologies and spaces work together to enable students to achieve success and build a positive relationship with learning.

The learning spaces offer flexibility which encourages self-directed learning and allows teachers to regularly and effectively practice innovative teaching techniques. An increase in collaborative learning areas supports problem, project and inquiry-based learning. There are also a range of spaces that support independent and social learning, in students’ personal learning time (times when students are not engaged in formal classes), which encourages interaction, promotes inclusivity and supports ‘community of learners’ who are focused on achievement.

At every turn, teaching and learning at Gungahlin College is diverse, student-centered and engaging. The school is designed to inspire creative teaching and learning practice. As well as be responsive to future changes in learning, in technology and in the needs of our community.


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