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Our Uniform and Dress Standards

Student in UniformAfter consultation with the student and parent community our School Board officially approved the College's Uniform and Dress Standards Policy early in 2011. The College expects all students to wear school uniform as part of an overall dress standard that ensures appropriate and safe attire for learning. We believe that a uniform reinforces a pride in a student's appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community and assists in developing pride in representing the school.  Issues of equality, health and safety as well as expense are factors that have contributed to the establishment of our Uniform and Dress Standards Policy.


Since the beginning of 2011 all ACT Public Schools are  required to develop and implement a Dress Standard and Colour Code in accordance with ACT ETD policy. At the time of writing, Gungahlin College is the only Year 11 & 12 government school to have a school uniform as part of their dress standard.

Our College believes the following are the benefits derived from the wearing of school uniform:

  • A uniform forms a sense of community, improves school tone and atmosphere and helps develop a sense of pride in the school.
  • Assists with student identification and safety, especially in our open environment and joint use library with members of the public.
  • A uniform stops the anxiety associated with "what do I wear to college" each day as it reduces competition amongst students and removes pressure on families to provide "fashionable" items for daily wear.
  • Promotes equality among students
  • Uniform items can be claimed as a tax deduction – please keep your receipts for taxation purposes.
  • Maintains the high public and community regard for the school and its students
  • Prepares students for expectations in general dress and uniform for work and post school life

A full copy of our Uniform and Dress Standards Policy can be found here

Uniform Purchase

Our School uniform is available through MacDonalds Schoolwear, Gungahlin. Parents, guardians and students can also order online through the MacDonalds Schoolwear Website.