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Mechatronics is a relatively young engineering discipline, which combines skills from mechanical, electrical, computer and software engineering. Today’s technological developments require skills that go beyond the boundaries of traditional engineering specialisations, and mechatronics is transforming the way we look at engineering products and many of Australia’s Universities are now offering Engineering degrees in this area.

Mechatronics studies systems that result from the interconnection of sensors, computers, and force actuators with components like robots, vehicles, aircraft, structures, and circuits. To design such systems, students not only understand how the different components work, but also how the interconnection as a whole works (i.e. a perspective of a whole system).

The Mechatronic facilities at Gungahlin College are unique to a senior secondary school of its type. Students who are interested in Engineering, Science, Design and Technology and wish to study Mechatronics at Gungahlin College should enrol in the Science & Mechatronics (T) course.