Third Party Permissions

Often it is beneficial for the student to utilise services provided by third party web based providers.  Types of services provided by these service providers may include online content creation, collaborative tools and online learning environments.

The following services require that the college registers with a number of web based service providers that utilise some limited personal information about your student.

Third party service providers Services
Schoology Online Learning Platform
Parent Teacher Online Online Parent/Teacher Booking System
Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 Suite and Cloud Storage
Information and Fact Sheet - Office 365
Google Apps for Education Google Apps and Cloud Storage
Information and Fact Sheet - Google Apps for Education
Libraries ACT College Library and Borrowing Services
Grok Learning Online Programming and Assessment Platform – IT Classes Only
EdVal Online Timetabling, Scheduling and Subject Selection Tool


Online Teaching and Learning Video Repository


Online excursion and school communication service


Absence management and notification service

The ACT Education Directorate is providing new cloud-based education services through Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 to support teaching and learning. Benefits specific to these services include:

  • Google Apps for Education will provide the new student email service. This email service is hosted on our SchoolsNET domain, enabling better security and oversight.
  • The Directorate also has a new licensing agreement with Microsoft. All students can download the latest version of Office Pro Plus completely free on up to 5 personal computers or devices.

As all of these services require some personal information of students in order to provide the service, and that information will be stored in a location outside of the Education and Training Directorate; we seek your consent to provide access to your child.

The Student Privacy Information sheets for Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 are linked in the table above and provide clear information on any student data that may be collected by these services, how the data is stored, used and deleted. For the other services listed, please refer to the privacy policies linked in the table above.

Consent Forms have been distributed in Connect to all students, or can be downloaded here. Please return the consent form as soon as you have had a chance to review the privacy policies and information provided. Ideally, all consent forms will be returned to the school in the first week of the year to ensure immediate access to all services for Gungahlin College students.

Please contact the college directly if you have any concerns with respect to the provision of this information to the third party service providers listed above.