Choosing a Study Program

students at Gungahlin College

When selecting your courses and units, you are advised to consider your career aspirations, abilities and interests. You should also note the following advice:

  • Students are expected to enrol in at least five units per semester and participate in Connect. Combined, that is approximately 22 hours of class time per week. This ensures that you can accumulate 20 standard units by the end of four semesters at College.
  • It is a College expectation that students complete a major in English and Maths during their two years at Gungahlin College (for Tertiary students, these courses must be at T level).
  • Students need to be aware of the requirements of employers. Most employers expect students to have studied both English and Mathematics.
  • Students are advised to enrol in a balanced academic program.
  • Students are not advised to study more than five units in any given semester.

The exact requirements for the award of all ACT Qualifications and more general information can be found on the BSSS website.

There are limited opportunities to change subject selections at key points in the academic year.

Our timetable

Our College offers a timetable that is flexible and operates over an extended timeframe, which allows for longer or extended lessons. This arrangement allows students to deepen their knowledge and progress faster so that extension opportunities, work experience and other special programs can operate for students at the end of the semester.

The College timetable and course selection process allows students some flexibility to ‘build their own timetable’ to suit their individual arrangements. This includes choosing the option to attend classes in the evening which will free up additional time during the day for other pursuits.

Our College will continue to explore flexible learning options for all students whether their pathway is towards university, a trade, employment or other training.

Course selection information

It is important that you begin to plan the package of subjects that you would like to study. At the request of families, enrolling students will be offered a course selection interview at the College. This interview is with students, their parents and is conducted by a member of our teaching staff.

These discussions and your own research will help you to complete the selection process.

Questions you should consider

  • What courses are you really interested in?
  • Will you be seeking a T package and an ATAR (to gain entry to University) at the end of Year 12?
  • Are you looking to study at CIT at the end of Year 12?
  • Do you want to start on an Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) during Year 11 and 12?
  • Do you want to get a job or a traineeship at the end of Year 12?
  • What was your performance in Year 10 like?
  • What level of study are you able to cope with?
  • Are your goals realistic?