List of Courses
Co-Curricular Programs
Course List (A-Z)

Course List (A-Z)

English and Humanities

English (T)

Literature (T)

Essential English (A)

Global Studies (T)

History (A/T) - Ancient, Medieval, Modern

Theory of Knowledge (Philosophy) (T)

Visual & Performing Arts

Dance (A/T)

Drama (A/T)

Media (A/T)

Music (A/T)

Photography (A/T)

Technical Production for Live Theatre (C)

Visual Art (A/T)

Ceramics (A/T)

Physical Education and Outdoor Education

Exercise Science (A/T)

Outdoor Education (A/T)

Physical Education (A)

Sports Development (A)

Sport Studies (A/T)

Sport, Fitness and Administration (A/V)

Social Sciences

Accounting (A/T)

Behavioural Science (A/T)

Business (A/T)

Business Administration (A/V)

Commerce (A/T)

Economics (T)

Legal Studies (A/T)

Psychology (A/T)

Retail (A)

Social and Community Work (A/V)

Sociology (A/T)

Languages and English as a Second Language (ESL)/

English as an Additional Language and Dialect (EALD)

Chinese (A/T)

French (A/T)

Italian (A/T)

Japanese (A/T)

Korean (A/T)

German (A/T)

English as a Second Language or ESL (A/T)

Mathematics and Information Technology

Essential Mathematics (A)

Mathematical Applications (T)

Mathematical Methods (T)

Specialist Mathematics (T) - Double Major only

Information Technology (T/A/V)


Applied Science (A)

Biology (T)

Chemistry (T)

Flight (T/A)

General Science (T)

Science and Mechatronics (T)

Physics (T)

Technology and Design

Design and Graphics (A/T)

Design and Technology (A/T)

Textiles and Fashion (A/T/V)

Food for Life (A)

Food Science and Management (T)

Furniture Construction (A/V)

Hospitality (A/V)

Metal Technology (A)

Tourism and Event Management (A)



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