Gungahlin College Selective (GCS)

Applications now open for 2021

We are now receiving applications for our Gungahlin College Selective Program. Please complete the Elite Programs Application form to apply.

Gungahlin College Selective (GCS) is a Selective Program for Gifted and Talented students (GCS). Enrolment in GCS enables our staff to better meet the specific needs of gifted and talented students and to promote high academic expectations.

Students who have been selected to be part of GCS will be provided with an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities tailored to meet their specific skills and academic aspirations. GCS students will collaborate with teachers who have been specifically trained in G&T educational practices.

Our goal is that through participation in the program we are better able to help our gifted and talented students better reach their potential. We expect that the richness of their educational experience will place GCS students in good stead for university scholarships upon graduation

GCS Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the GCS program, students need to provide evidence of having been enrolled in a gifted and talented program in Year 10.

Alternatively, students who can demonstrate achievement at Band 10 in the NAPLAN Reading or Numeracy components would also qualify.

Selective intake – places are limited.