Languages (T) - Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi


Course information

Learning a language is rewarding; it is challenging but opens up new opportunities and gives perspectives that one might never have otherwise encountered. It also augments interpersonal skills by developing ability to interpret, discuss, interact, and recognise patterns of social cues. It opens the door to understanding the way how other cultures think.

Students have the option of studying seven languages at Tertiary level at Gungahlin College. They are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Hindi* and Italian. All are offered at Beginning, Continuing and Advanced levels. The courses offer structured practice with emphasis on the four macro-skills in language learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Information Technology is also integrated into teaching as well as cultural aspects of the target language.

*Hindi courses in 2021 will depend on enrolment numbers

Students who wish to gain an ATAR should select one of the T Courses, where a strong foundation for tertiary study will be provided.

Post-school pathways

Do you enjoy or are you good at Languages? (pdf, 110kb)

Languages Tertiary courses are designed to provide skills for students wishing to enter the workforce, university, or further training in areas that require a sound level of the chosen language.

Workload expectation

A language course requires commitment and a positive work ethic to complete the required tasks in class and an effective study regime to consolidate learning. A program of study before tests and examinations is also required.

Course levels

Beginning course is intended for students who have no previous knowledge of the language.

Continuing course is intended for students who have completed two or more years study of the language at high school or have a cultural background in the chosen language.

Advanced course is intended for students who are native speakers like international students and for those with considerable skills in the chosen language.

Course pattern

Available as a Minor or Major. It is possible to study several languages.

All language units are sequential and the following units are the same for each language and level. Depth of language understanding and communication increase throughout the duration of the course.

Suggested Minor course




The Individual’s Experience


Society and Community

Suggested Major course




The Individual’s Experience


Society and Community


The World Around Us


Lifestyle and Traditions

Example Unit descriptions

Unit 1 The Individual’s Experience

Themes in this unit include Personal Identity and Travel and Tourism

Unit 2 Society and Community

Themes in this unit include Education and Working Life and German-speaking communities.

Unit 3 World Around Us

Themes in this unit include Health and Leisure and Global Issues.

Unit 4 Lifestyle and Traditions

Themes in this unit include Arts and Entertainment and Cultural Identity and Diversity.