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English and Humanities

Gungahlin College offers a wide variety of Tertiary and Accredited courses to students in the subject areas of English and the Humanities. Our open and IT rich learning environment enables innovative teaching practice and encourages students to learn through greater collaboration.

English (A /T)

English is a core subject at Gungahlin College and believed to be integral in developing lifelong literacy skills. It is offered in two very distinct courses that are either A or T.

The A course is accredited by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) and offers students a basic grounding in all literacy skills.  It is a course that enables students to develop functional literacy that will enable them to engage with the myriad forms of literacy they will encounter in their daily lives.

The T course is designed to not only prepare students to sit the AST and provide them with an ATAR score, but also to challenge and engage students with a variety of classical and modern literary forms and genres.  Our students are challenged to master the various the elements of each genre and form and manipulate them in such a manner that they are proficient in their analysis and use.

Global Studies (T)

Global Relations provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand and actively partake in an increasingly complex yet interconnected world. The course is designed to enable students to be active citizens of a global community. Through the study of topics such as philosophy, religion, political ideology, the environment, international relations, conflict, trade and technology, students will realise the complex interactions that take place every moment on this planet.  They will discover how these interactions shape their everyday lives and influence how their futures will be lived, academically, professionally, socially and spiritually.

History (A /T)

Studying History at Gungahlin College is the study of Human endeavour, discovery and conflict through courses of Ancient, Medieval and Modern History. Students are introduced to historical investigation, primary and secondary source study, analysis and critical investigation. Students will be exposed to guest lecturers from the ANU, partake in excursions to exhibitions and learn to view history as a dynamic and evolving subject.

Theory of Knowledge (Philosphopy) (T)

Theory of Knowledge is primarily concerned with the question 'How do you know?' Theory of Knowledge seeks to promote critical thought, insight and analytic depth in order to allow students to employ these abilities in other areas of study, such as History, Science, Mathematics and Art. The first unit of Theory of Knowledge is an introductory unit (assuming no prior knowledge of the subject) that introduces students to Theory of Knowledge and seeks to enhance student understanding of the nature of knowledge, especially in relation to language, culture, history and the self. By building upon existing understanding and curiosity to establish a connection between students' questions and traditional and contemporary philosophical theory, Theory of Knowledge seeks to introduce students to the big questions of philosophy in a way that is continuous with their own lives and with questions that arise from local and world events.

Languages and EALD

Our students have the option of studying six foreign languages and EALD at Gungahlin College. The six languages offered are:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

All are offered as A or T courses, except for Chinese which is T only. Our courses offer structured practice with the emphasis on the four macro-skills in languages learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing with the integration of information technology and cultural aspects of the target language.

Learning a language is rewarding; it is challenging but fun to explore and learn about another country and its culture. Studying a Language enables our students to acquire the appropriate communication skills when travelling overseas or simply interacting with visitors from another country in their local area. Through the acquisition of other languages, students will develop further understanding of their first language. Students who wish to gain ATAR should be enrolled in the T Course, where a strong foundation for tertiary study will be provided. A Course is designed for students who have interest in the language and its culture, but do not wish to study the language in depth.

Regular features of all Languages/EALD courses include study of formal and informal language, comprehension, writing, oral presentations and research through individual and collaborative learning. Analytical and creative components are a comprehensive part of EALD.

At Gungahlin College, students benefit from language teachers who are highly qualified, competent and fluent speakers in their language/s. Our teachers have considerable in-country experience or are native speakers who have translation and interpreting capabilities.

 Courses               Eligibility (Language Table to be inserted)

Students can enter courses at different levels depending upon their previous language learning experience and background. Students may take up two languages at Gungahlin College in various combinations. Our Language students also participate in a range of extra-curricular activities.

Mathematics and Information Technology

Mathematics (A/T)

There are four levels of Mathematics at Gungahlin College:

  • Specialist Mathematics (T)
  • Mathematical Methods (T)
  • Mathematics Applications (T)
  • General Mathematics (A)

The first three T courses prepare our students for studying at a tertiary level. The General Mathematics (A) course is appropriate to help our students prepare for life and work.

At Gungahlin College, we prepare our students for contemporary learning by combining high levels of technology with excellent teaching practice. All of our students learn using Interactive Whiteboards, and other technology including graphical calculators to enhance lesson delivery and provide a more hands on approach to the learning of mathematics. In addition our students access electronic textbooks and online work through the use of Schoology either at home or at school.  Using a range of resources allows a practical and self-guided approach to study both at school and at home.  At Gungahlin College we foster an adult learning environment where students have access to mathematical tutorial sessions both during lunch break and in their personal learning time.

Information Technology (T/A/V)

Students can study various streams of Information Technology at Gungahlin College:

  • Programming
  • Applications
  • Multimedia
  • Networking

Our students learn how to solve theoretical and real life problems through a range of experiences with computer hardware and software. Students apply practical, design, critical thinking and analytical skills to interesting projects like Robotics, Web Design, Information Systems and Computer Games.

Physical and Outdoor Education

Exercise Science (A)

This course is aimed at students who are interested in a mixture of physical activity and Exercise Science. Students will study exercise physiology, biomechanics, and explore high profile examples within sport. There may also be opportunities to participate in excursions and field trips. It must be noted that this course has a mixture of theory and practical work and does include a research component.

Exercise Science (T)

Exercise Science examines sport from a scientific perspective. The course looks at performance in sport, at a cellular level, the function of muscles and bones, through to factors that affect performance such as training techniques and sport psychology. Students will find this course useful if they are considering courses in nursing, physiotherapy and associated medical/health areas or teaching.

Outdoor Education (A/T)

Our students can select from a broad range of exciting adventure activities. These activities foster personal and interpersonal development, an understanding of safe adventure, excitement and fun. The majority of the assessment occurs on camps or expeditions, which are usually for three days. Students are prepared for each expedition through learning activities that build their knowledge and practical skills and are essential for successful participation and achievement.

Physical Education (A)

This course is designed for students with an interest in physical activity, personal fitness, sport and recreation. The course does have some minor theory work but practical activities dominate the program. Students have the opportunity to develop physical fitness, as well as coaching skills through related activities.

Sports Development (A)

This course is for students who have advanced skills in their chosen sporting area, and time management may have become an issue due to increased training demands. The course aims to provide students with knowledge and skills to enable them to reach their potential in both their academic and sporting endeavours. Students will explore units such as time management, drugs in sport, sport psychology and career planning.

Sport Studies (A/T) - Sport Studies (A)

This course is for students who want to take a more detailed look at issues in sport and recreation. It has a strong focus on sports coaching and our students can look forward to working closely with primary aged students through coaching and refereeing activities. Students wishing to pursue a career or further study in the area of sport and recreation will benefit from this course.

Sport, Fitness and Administration (A/V)

This course is for students who wish to pursue a career in sport, fitness and sport administration. Students can complete specific vocational competencies during this course. There is a strong focus on sports coaching and accreditation, and students may be heavily involved in gaining relevant qualifications and applying them to real life situations in the community.


Our students have the opportunity to use new and up to date apparatus in state-of-the-art science laboratories. The teaching and learning in science at Gungahlin College utilises a "hands-on" approach with numerous experimental tasks. Our contemporary learning environment offers increased opportunities for learning through innovative teaching and student collaboration.

Biology (T)

Through the Biology course at Gungahlin College our students discover the intricate mechanisms that interact to create the wonders of life, from complete organism functioning, through to the organisation of cells into tissues and organs, and cellular and molecular interactions. At Gungahlin College our students have an opportunity to pursue units in Human Biology or Environmental Biology. This course will provide a sound background for students who wish to proceed to the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, zoology, forensics, health, medicine, environmental studies, education, and research.

Chemistry (T)

In this course students delve into the rabbit hole of Chemistry, discovering the deeper nature of matter and energy, atoms and molecules, from chemical reactions to quantum theory. Our students of Chemistry have the opportunity to learn the theories that allow them to understand and predict the interactions between molecules and to do hands-on practical Chemistry that utilises our state-of-the-art learning environment in the sciences. Chemistry students go on to become doctors, research scientists, dentists, engineers, nano-technicians, nuclear physicists, rocket scientists and even fire-fighters.

Flight (A/T) - Flight (A)

Aspiring pilots and aeronautical engineers will find this course an exciting and rewarding opportunity to pursue their dream career. Our course aims to give students a sound understanding of the science of flight as well as opportunities to discover and develop foundation skills in aviation. Students engage in a range of learning activities including both theoretical and practical aspects of flight. Students have access to industry-level resources including maps, flight computers and flight simulators. Our links with external organisations give students the chance to apply their learning in a range of context beyond the classroom and in the skies.

General Science (T)

This course is designed for those students that have an interest in science or need to include a science course at tertiary level in their study program for a variety of future career opportunities. Students have access to a wide range of units which encompass all fields of science. Through this course our students develop essential skills in analysis, experimental design, problem solving and communication. At Gungahlin College students are able to do participate in hands- on practical experiences that allow them to learn and share science theory through our collaborative environment.

Physics (T)

Physicists are in the business of unravelling the mysteries of the universe, studying a broad range of phenomena from large clusters of galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles. Physics students at Gungahlin College will study in a collaborative environment where they will develop skills and understandings applicable to a variety of careers - These skills include:

  • problem solving;
  • information handling;
  • critical reasoning and logical thought;
  • clear communication, and
  • computer skills.

Physics students go on to become astronauts, rocket scientists, engineers, computer scientists, video game designers, research scientists, nuclear physicists and astronomers.

Science and Mechatronics (T)

Students completing this course will apply scientific principles, mathematical and technological skill to real world applications like: engineering, nanotechnology, aviation and photonics. Students will be expected to use computer equipment to model, design and manufacture prototype solutions to scientific problems.

Applied Science (A)

This course is designed for students that are curious about and a wish to understand their world. The course is hands-on and enables students to develop their understanding through observation, questioning, experimentation, discussion, critical analysis and creative thinking. There are a wide range of units available to students that encompass all fields of science. The Applied Science course will provide students with an understanding of the employment opportunities in this area which include Electricians, Building Industry, Horticultural Industry and many others.            

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Gungahlin College offers a broad range of courses to students wishing to study this area. Students participate in a range of practical and theoretical activities that address real world ideas, skills and issues. Students wishing to undertake a V course may gain the relevant Certificate II on successful completion. Students may also enrol in an ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeship) while studying these V courses.

Accounting (A/T)

Accounting students learn skills in bookkeeping, reading and interpreting reports, preparing financial documents and an understanding of the financial requirements of running a business. The extensive use of computers allow our students to gain experience in using a commercial accounting packages such as MYOB. This course prepares students well for university study in Accounting and Commerce degrees.

Business Administration (A/V)

Business Administration is a very practical subject where students develop skills in computing, administration, office work and keyboarding. Students learn the necessary skills to prepare/present assignments and use a range of software such as word processing, PowerPoint, spreadsheets and databases. For students wishing to gain additional industry experience, work placements can be taken during school time.

Business (A/T)

Business Studies at our College has a strong practical orientation towards understanding the workings of small to medium businesses. Excursions to visit local businesses, guest speakers, practical exercises such as undertaking market research, being a mystery shopper, participating in the share market game, interviewing business owners and opportunities to experience event management as part of a team, allows the practical application of the theory learnt in class.

This course provides excellent preparation for students who wish to do further study at university in the areas of Business and Commerce, and a great opportunity to develop important skills for life and the workplace.

Psychology (A/T)

Psychology is a subject which investigates the mind and behaviour of both people and animals. Through conducting research and examining theories and psychological studies, students will explore the mental processes and biological explanations behind thinking and behaviour.  A student who undertakes a course in Psychology will have the opportunity to study concepts such as those associated with human endeavour, relationships, industry, personality, mental disorders, development and health.

Social and Community Work (A/V)

Social and Community Work provides students with an introduction and awareness to the many community services available. It offers practical experience in the areas of childcare, aged care, disability and youth work through work placements, excursions, and guest speakers. The simulated baby activity is a popular component of this course as students experience virtual parenting skills. This is a great opportunity to develop important skills for life and the workplace, become a volunteer, and prepare for a career in the community services and health sectors.

Sociology (A/T)

Sociology explores the ideas of classical theorist through modern contexts and case studies in an attempt to explain society and how it behaves. Through the exploration of modern forms of communication such as social networks and mobile phone students are promoted to question the extent of individuality in our society.  Students also have the opportunity to design their own social research experiments in order to develop a greater understanding of group behaviour in different contexts.

Economics (T)

Our students who study Economics learn how individuals, groups and nations use limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants. It is an academic subject and suits students who enjoy thinking and suggesting solutions to problems on a local, national and international level. Find out the answers to questions such as: Why did the global financial crisis occur? Why do things cost as much as they do? Why do interest rates change? What is "The Budget" and how does it affect me?

Legal Studies (A/T)

Students who study Legal Studies at our College learn how the law in our society relates to our everyday lives. This is a relevant course for students who would like a deeper understanding of current affairs and the law. Students visit the law courts, parliament house, meet and listen to visiting speakers, and may debate legal issues in Mock Trial competitions.

Retail (A)

Students will develop practical skills and gain knowledge that underpins a range of retail contexts. Students will be challenged to think critically and develop problem solving skills to become independent learners. Students may gain experience by working in our school canteen or other retail settings, role playing communication styles and conducting investigations/surveys of various aspects of retail businesses.

This course develops students' skills in many areas of business, working with people, customer service, merchandising, teamwork, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), organisation and effective communication.

Technology and Design

The learning of Technology and Design at Gungahlin College is supported by modern industry standard facilities including:

  • A fully equipped industrial kitchen capable of delivering learning at Certificate III level
  • CafĂ© equipment for real world learning in the area of hospitality
  • Facilities for fabric colouration
  • Sewing machines including the latest overlockers, industrial and embroidery machines
  • Two speciality workshops for Metal and Wood
  • IT Design studio for CADD , Graphic Design and other design related courses

Design and Graphics (A/T)

Students choosing to study this course can study either of the following course streams offered by Gungahlin College:

Architecture (A/T)

The principles and ideas behind varying styles of architecture are studied. Exercises and practical drawing projects will enhance the learned AutoCAD and presentation skills students will need when presenting their plans to clients or professional bodies. Students can use these skills in future professions such as drafting, architecture, landscape architecture, naval architecture and interior design.

Computer Aided Design (A/T)

Computer Aided Design introduces students to the production of 2D and 3D drawings and computer based drawing design skills. These skills are required if a student may be proceeding to any courses which utilises these skills, such as architecture, engineering, surveying and drafting.

Graphic Design (A/T)

Our Graphic Design students explore the design principles and elements, and then apply them through projects for a variety of mediums including T-shirts, magazine and poster design. Students learn how to effectively use typography, colour and imagery to create visual messages for the intended target audience.

Design and Technology (A/T)

This Design and Technology course at Gungahlin College integrates theory and practice in a modern learning environment with the application of technology in society. Through communicating and innovative projects, students develop aesthetic awareness and learn to visualise ideas and build prototypes. Our students acquire skills that enable them to use state of the art equipment, machinery and information technologies to communicate ideas.

Fashion Design and Textiles

In this course students develop creative and technical skills through units in fashion design and textiles.  They also develop their understanding of the fashion industry through the units in manufacturing, designing and marketing. At the completion of the course students can achieve their Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Textiles. The course is suited to students wishing to study fashion design or tertiary courses and careers in design and business related fields.

Food for Life (A)

This is a course for students who have a keen interest in food, health and well-being. Food for Life analyses the evolution of the Australian cuisine, addresses the importance of healthy eating and prepares students with the basic skills for independent living. The course also provides a balance between theoretical understandings and practical experiences. It uses a practical approach that allows students to solve problems in everyday life.

Food Science and Management (T)

This course gives students an understanding of food as a resource. Areas of study include socio-cultural, nutritional, scientific, managerial and technological influences on the production, distribution, storage, preparation and consumption of food. Students are involved in practical experiences that illustrate their theoretical understandings. The course is particularly suited to students who wish to further their studies in health sciences and/or management in the hospitality industry.

Furniture Construction (A/V)

This course is for students who are interested in this area or intend to undertake a career in furniture construction, cabinet making and any of the associated trades. It is a Vocational course that incorporates nationally recognised competencies. Students completing the course, including four vocational placements, will gain AQTF Level 1 in Furnishing.

Metal Technology (A)

This course is aimed at students who are seeking a career in the Metals, Engineering and Related Services Industry (this includes fitting & machining, light fabrication & boiler making), the automotive, building and electro technology industries, and any other industries using these skills.

Hospitality (A/V)

This course provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will equip them to make informed decisions on seeking careers in Hospitality and helps them work in the Hospitality Industry. This is a "hands-on" course where students gain competencies leading to Vocational Certificates I and II in Hospitality Operations and Hospitality (kitchen operations).

Tourism and Event Management (A)

Tourism provides our students with the skills and knowledge to make an informed decision on seeking a career in the tourism industry. Would you like to learn the geography of the world and about other cultures? Would you like to learn how to plan exciting trips around the world for you and your friends and family? Tourism is also a good subject for students wanting to work in the hospitality industry, become airline pilots or just learn more about events planning and the world around us.

Visual and Performing Arts

Study in the Visual and Performing Arts at our College gives students the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of mediums. We offer students some of the most technologically advanced learning facilities in this curriculum area including: a television studio, Specialist IT Labs for Media and Photography, specialised wet areas for 3D Art and Ceramics, Performing Arts Theatre including Dance and Drama studios, and a Music recording studio.

Participation in the Arts at Gungahlin College encourages students to develop self discipline, motivation and communication skills that ensure sound development in visual and emotional literacy. Students that enjoy performing, designing, making and thinking creatively should undertake an Arts course.

Drama (A/T)

This course combines study of the practice and theory of Drama and Theatre. Our students develop skills in performance through role play, improvisation and play building, movement and voice, script analysis and interpretation. Students also undertake units in theatre design which allows them to use lighting, sound, and staging and costume design.

Technical Production for Live Theatre (A/V)

This is suitable for students who have an interest in backstage work for theatre and Event management. It is a vocational course which enables students to gain a Certificate II in Entertainment and assists them to follow a career pathway through apprenticeships, CIT and University.

Music (T/A)

Designed for students who enjoy studying and performing music; this course will interest students who want to explore self-expression, through to students wishing to perform and study music after college. In the Music T course some prior knowledge in music theory is expected. Many styles are covered in the course from Contemporary music, Classical or Jazz.

Dance Studies (T/A)

Our students have the opportunity to experience and learn various styles of Dance, some of which include Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet. The teaching of Dance at Gungahlin College focuses students to create and compose their own works, as well as learning various dance techniques. We provide many opportunities for students to perform outside the classroom, including in-school performances, participation in Dancefest and other external performing arts events. Our purpose built dance studio provides students with a safe and professional space to undertake classes and rehearse.

Media (T/A)

Our Media Students work collaboratively on practical projects, as directors, camera operators, sound designers, vision switchers, editors, writers and storyboard artists. Media is a subject which focuses on communication skills, creativity, technology and working with others.

Media students at Gungahlin College analyse and produce a range of television, film, print and digital media. Students gain experience using industry standard equipment and processes that allow them to pursue possible careers in journalism, film, television, multimedia, sound design, motion graphics, and media production.

Visual Arts (T/A)

Students studying Visual Arts at our College experience the joy of self expression through a range of media including Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics and Sculpture. Students learn and develop a wide range of skills that allow them to be effective communicators of ideas, while exploring diverse media. Students also display their work around the College and in the wider community through exhibitions and competitions.

Photography (T/A)

Photography challenges our students to express themselves creatively. They learn technical precision, communication through images, problem solving, critical analysis. Students explore all aspects of digital photography including lighting techniques and digital imaging production processes. Skills in communication, observation and analysis are a major focus of our teaching. Students also investigate the historical, social and cultural contexts of photography. 


Vocational Education (VET)

Students undertaking studies in VET areas are able to fast-track their qualifications enabling them to complete further study courses at CIT and other training organisations.  VET courses have an industry focus in the way they are composed and delivered which gives students essential knowledge and skills relating directly to industries of interest. 

Gungahlin College is a registered training organisation (RTO) and we offer a range of vocational courses. These courses allow students to:

  • obtain a nationally recognised vocational certificate (Certificate I II and III)
  • create links with employers which develop work and career opportunities
  • articulate into further study at CIT or University

The Vocational Courses at Gungahlin College include:

  • ICA10111 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • ICA20111 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • SIS20310 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
  • BSB10107 Certificate I in Business
  • BSB20107 Certificate II in Business
  • BSB30110 Certificate III in Business
  • LMT21707 Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • SIT10207 Certificate I in Hospitality
  • SIT10307 Certificate I in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
  • SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality
  • SIT20307 Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
  • CHC10108 Certificate I in Work Preparation (Community Services)
  • CHC20112 Certificate II in Community Services
  • CHC10212 Certificate I in Active Volunteering
  • LMF10108 Certificate I in Furnishing
  • CUE20103 Certificate II in Live Production, Theatre and Events
  • CUE30203 Certificate III in Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Operations).