Our model of student pastoral care and wellbeing is centred around a House model which uses RTI (response to intervention). We provide a wide range of universal, selected and targeted protection and support strategies, working to support the learning and growth of every student at their academic, social and emotional levels, in partnership with their families/care givers, and our community agencies.

The House Coordinator and Assistant are your first point of call when wishing to discuss issues of student welfare and well-being - their photos and email links are on these pages to assist students and families 24/7.

Our staff establish strong positive relationships with the students and families that belong to their House. A House team member will be at Student Services on your House Line should you ever need assistance.

House Meeting Schedule

Click on the week below for the House Meeting slides!


Week 1 - Goal Setting  and Getting to Know each other

Week 9 - Party Safe

Week 3 -  Time Management

Week 11 - ANZAC Day and Time Management

Week 5 - Careers and Work Experience (WEX)

Week 13 - Character Strengths

Week 7 - Stress Management and Exam Help

Week 15 - National Reconciliation Week


Week 17 - Resilience and Reflection

House Pages

Line 1: Orion

Line 2: Aquila

Line 3: Tucana

Line 4: Hydra

Line 5: Phoenix

Line 6: Draco

Line 7: Scorpius

Line 8: Centaurus

House Points

Enrichment Activities

On weeks when there is no House Meetings (i.e. even weeks) the House Teams and other Gungahlin College staff offer a range of Enrichment activities.

These are designed to support and help you to grow academically, socially and emotionally (just like the House Meetings!).

We expect and strongly encourage students to participate as a wide range of research proves that students who do, do better at college and their future studies and careers

Leadership & Recognition

Are YOU a young woman Leading in Volunteering, Building Community Spirit, and/or in Empowering Yourself and Others? (or do you know someone who is?)

Zonta International and the Zonta Club of Canberra is working together with Gungahlin College to help to recognizes young women, aged 16 – 19 as at 1 April 2020, who demonstrate superior leadership skills and a commitment to public service and civic causes, and encourages them to continue their participation in public and political life.

Students who complete the attached, simple application form, and submit it to or and your college House Team, by Friday February 21, 2020, the college House Teams and Pastoral Care Directors will consider and short-list to verify the enrolment status, and investigate if we can provide 2 supporting staff statements, to submit to Zonta.

Why consider self-nominating (or nominating a family member or friend leading in volunteering, building community connections, and/or empowerment of self and others)?

  • Recognition of leadership for you/someone you know
  • The chance for Gungahlin College to support excellent active citizenship
  • Scholarships of US$4,000 each
  • Plus up to 32 district/region scholarships of US$1,500 each awarded
  • The Canberra Club also offers a monetary award.

Young women from all backgrounds and cultures (and their supporters!) should nominate, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTQI+, Cadets, Student Leadership Group members, people living with a disability, and all young women.

Gungahlin College Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Team

Matthew Noonan | Director Pastoral Care & Wellbeing, Behavioural Sciences Faculty; English, Humanities and Behavioural Sciences Teacher