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Gungahlin College is a large College with an ever increasing student population. In order to meet this growing demand, the college runs an extended timetable. Students have the opportunity to build their timetable to meet their individual study patterns and extra curricula commitments. The Gungahlin College timetable runs from 8.30 to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and to 3.30pm on a Friday. Students also have an option of completing a course of study on a Wednesday evening, in one block of time from 4.45pm to 8pm.

All students study five courses at 3 hours and 50 mins each per week, plus Connect (our Pastoral Care program) for 1 hour and 35 mins each week , making a full time student load of 20 hours 45 mins.

Students are advised to use their Personal Study Lines wisely, by either attending Study Support, which runs on every line, or working independently in the library, or at home. Our College library is a joint use library with Gungahlin Library and hence is open beyond the school day, weekends and till 8pm on a Wednesday evening.

2015 Year 11 and 12 Student Timetable

2015 Year 10 SMART program Timetable