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Student Timetable

The Gungahlin College timetable starts at 8.30 am and goes through to 3.30 pm. Students are welcome in Public Library on school days from 8.30 am for research and independent study.

All students complete our Connect Class for 2 hours a week and five other courses (which makes a standard load) for 4 hours each, making a full-time student load of 22 Hours per week. At Gungahlin College we recommend that English and Mathematics are included in every students study load.

It is anticipated that in 2015 the College will be operating beyond its capacity of 950 students. The College is currently exploring flexible delivery arrangements to address traditional operational barriers like school timetabling, so that all our students can connect to school, learn in areas that challenge and interest them, and achieve the best results possible.

2014 Year 11 and Year 12 Student Timetable