Study Support Centre

Gungahlin College students

Our free, Study Support Centre is available to all students.

Opening Times

  • Tuesday: Line A, Connect, Line C
  • Wednesday: Blended Learning, Line F (first half), Line H
  • Thursday: Line D, Line A, Blended Learning


  • English, Mathematics and Science tutorial assistance
  • General assignment help
  • Organisational and personal time management support
  • College transition support
  • Student welfare services
  • Careers advice services
  • IT support services Student Access

Student Access

Students can access the Study Support Centre in one of two ways:

  1. Drop-in Centre: Students who need occasional support can access the Study Support Centre when required.
  2. Enrolment: Students who need regular, ongoing support may enrol for either a Tuesday session, and\or Thursday session for up to 4 hours a week. Students who choose the enrolment option will be awarded points towards their ACT Senior 15 Secondary Certificate provided they meet their attendance commitment each semester. (0.5 point for 2 hours a week, 1 point for 4 hours a week.) Further, parents may contact the SSC Manager for updates on student progress.