Study Smarter

Study Smarter is a series of workshops in 11 different academic skills. Complete all 11 workshops and you are eligible for 0.2 R-points. View the latest workshop schedule.


Don’t be duped!

Just because something is in writing, or in a photograph, that doesn’t mean it’s true! This workshop will develop your skills in critically evaluating the information you encounter and identifying reliable sources of information.

Essay Writing

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more confident essay writer, this workshop will allow you to develop this important academic skill. If you feel you are already a more confident essay writer, please bring along an essay you wrote previously so the teacher can identify areas for improvement.

Note-taking & Exam Preparation

Learn how to more effectively take notes and revise so you can improve your learning and performance in exams.

Oral Presentations

Develop your skills in preparing and delivering oral presentations and speeches to large groups.

Presentation & Spreadsheet Software

This workshop will cover tricks and hints in using presentation and spreadsheet software (Microsoft and Google).

Referencing & Academic Integrity

You are studying at a point in history when access to information has never been so easy. There are harsh consequences for plagiarism at college and you are expected to act with ‘Academic Integrity’. This workshop will help you understand BSSS policies around plagiarism and cheating, and how to reference the work and ideas of other people in your studies.

Searching Effectively 1

Learn how to use Google more efficiently, and how to search the Library catalogue, the Oliver catalogue, and Clickview (our repository of video material).

Searching Effectively 2

Learn how to conduct advanced searches and get what you need from journal databases, including those from LibrariesACT and the National Library of Australia. Before this workshop, it is a good idea to become a member of the NLA for free; they will send your membership card in the post. Bring your card with you to the workshop.

Stay Safe Online

Learn how to better protect yourself and your personal information, and have a digital footprint of which you, your grandma and your potential employers will be proud!

Tackling Assignments and Research

How do you go about starting on your assessment, or completing a successful research task? You might be doing much of this already, but this workshop will help you better understand each step in the process, what you are expected to demonstrate in investigation or enquiry assessment tasks, and teach you tricks and hints that make each step more effective.

Time Management & Organisation

Get yourself organised! College can be a busy and stressful time, so makes things easier on yourself by developing good habits around organising your time, your physical stuff and your digital stuff. For this workshop, make sure you can access the unit outlines for each of your courses.