Library Memberships

Gungahlin College students have two borrowing accounts:

  1. Oliver, in which you borrow Gungahlin College library items and textbooks (which are books that everyone in the class borrows, all the same title). From Oliver you can also borrow ebooks and e-audiobooks. You access Oliver from your Digital Backpack.
  2. Libraries ACT. Your card for this account looks something like this:

You use this to borrow items belonging to the public library, in Gungahlin Library or from other Libraries ACT branches, and to access digital resources from the Libraries ACT website.

If you borrow items owned by LibrariesACT, you are obliged to meet the Libraries ACT conditions of membership, including late fines and fees for lost items. You can find out more from the Libraries ACT membership and loans policy.

Please ensure you renew and/or return all items on time so that they can be used by other customers.

This is especially important for items owned by Gungahlin College because they will be needed by other students and staff. Before you can leave or graduate from college, all college items must be returned and any items lost or irrevocably damaged, paid for. There are no fines for the late return of items owned by Gungahlin College.

Please speak to one of the College Library staff if you have any questions.