Diverse Programs

Key Contacts

Natalia Lee, Director of Inclusion Support Programs (ISP) and Behavioural Science – Disability Support Programs

Lorelie Choy, Director of Student Wellbeing - Diverse Programs, B Program and C Program

Disability Support Programs

Gungahlin College is committed to ensuring the educational and wellbeing needs of all students are met. We offer an Inclusion Support Program (ISP) which provides additional resourcing to help facilitate reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of students. For more specific information regarding the process to request ISP support please visit the ACT Education Directorate website.

Students in the Inclusion Support program can complete Tertiary, Accredited or Modified units of study to contribute to their Senior Secondary Certificate.

Hearing and Vision

For students with Hearing and Vision difficulties, specialist staff work with our and other involved services to support the student’s access to the curriculum.

B program

The B Program provides personalised and individualised support to students who have a history of poor academic performance and disengagement with one or more areas of the curriculum. In the B program, students will be given the opportunity to develop their independent learning skills, create an assessment schedule to ensure due dates are met, understand and complete their assignments.

C program

The C Program provides an alternate program for students who have significant difficulties engaging with the full curriculum in mainstream school settings. This may not involve the completion of a Year 12 Certificate. It will include the completion of a range of relevant vocational qualifications.