students at Gungahlin College

Welcome to the student resource page. Here you'll find information and resources to help you with your studies.

Student Academic Guide

The Gungahlin College Student Academic Guide provides information about the policies and procedures in place at Gungahlin College.

Student Profiles Online

The BSSS Student Profiles Online Website allows Students in years 11 and 12 to check Personal Details, Academic Records, and VET Progress


The Gungahlin College timetable.

Student Wellbeing

Important contacts and information on the supports available to students

Gungahlin College Wellbeing Website

The Gungahlin College Wellbeing Website is for students, parents, carers and teachers to access information that will help them manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

House Coordinators

Contact your House Co if you need support

School Psychologist

Here you can make an appointment instantly to see our school psychologist

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

Find out more about the college's BYOD Program, and read our handy guide to selecting an appropriate learning device.

IT Support

Hardware and software support for school issued Chromebooks

College Wi-Fi

Instructions on how to connect your device to the college Wi-Fi