Our Learning Environment

Our learning environment

Gungahlin College's learning environment provides choices

Students and teachers can work together to select and manipulate the environments to suit their needs. The spaces have been designed to connect, extend and integrate learning experiences. People, resources, technologies and spaces work together to enable students to achieve success and build a positive relationship with learning.

Mobile Technology

Gungahlin College students on computers

The design of our college is based on the idea that technology is compact and mobile. Laptops can be taken from space to space and outdoors. Learning with technology is not confined to a 'computer room'. Integration with extensive audio visual capabilities allows spaces to be easily transformed into areas for presentation and multimedia display. Mobile screening devices allow presentations to occur in any location.

Wireless technology throughout the college allow students to use technologies easily and flexibly. In addition to laptop storage and re-charging units within the collaborative learning spaces, powered lockers allow students to charge their personal learning devices.

Specialist Spaces

Gungahlin College Specialist Spaces

Our school provides students the opportunity to practice their skills in specialised environments that reflect tertiary and work settings. Some of these specialist spaces include:

  • Facilities for specialised science activities with modern laboratories.
  • Specialist Arts areas, including a Theatre, TV Studio and Photography Studio
  • Facilities for Sport Science and Fitness activities included within an expansive gym complex
  • Design and Technology areas include a Commercial Kitchen, Design Studio, Workshops for Wood and Metal and a Specialist suite for Mechatronics

These contemporary learning environments are of the highest quality, and are designed and equipped to industry standards. The specialist areas at Gungahlin College complement the schools overall design and make it one of the finest examples of Senior Secondary Education in the country.