Business Services (A/V/M)

Course information

Business Services will provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding of business practices, procedures and concepts relevant to working in a business service and/or business industry environment. Business Services is a very practical subject where students develop skills in computing, administration, office work and touch typing. Students learn to analyse, problem solve, make decisions and develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills suitable for employment and further training.

Students can gain nationally recognised vocational Certificates II and III in Business. Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) and ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeship) opportunities will be provided through contact with local businesses and companies.

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Post-school pathways

Do you enjoy or are you good at Business Studies? (pdf, 110kb)

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Workload expectation

Social and Behavioural Science subjects require regular and consistent revision of course content as well as detailed planning and research for assessment tasks outside of class time  in order to receive outstanding results.

Course pattern

Available as a Minor or Major

Suggested Minor course



Unit 1

Navigating the Business Environment

Unit 2

Business Environment and Services

Working in Business Administration 1 and 2 must be completed to be able to complete units 3 and 4.  If you have completed your Certificate II at your high school we need evidence to support this.

Suggested Major course



Unit 1

Navigating the Business Environment

Unit 2

Business Environment and Services

Unit 3

Implementing Best Practice in Business

Unit 4

Business Services Pathways

Unit descriptions

Unit 1: Navigating the Business Environment

Students learn how to produce business standard word processed documents and presentations, provide customer service and the procedures and responsibilities relating to workplace sustainability, health and safety. They learn oral and written communication skills for the workplace. Students learn what is required to interact with others in a work environment. They develop self management skills and knowledge to assist in success at work.

Unit 2: Business Environment and Services

Students learn how to engage with others in a business environment, contribute to workplace innovation, manage conflict and develop effective workplace relationships.  Students will also learn how to use business technology, and develop oral and written skills to communicate information with others.

Unit 3: Implementing Best Practice in Business

Students will learn a range of technological skills to design and produce documents and desktop published articles. They will develop keyboarding skills to support the creation of these.

Unit 4: Business Services Pathways

Students will learn how to create simple databases for storage and retrieval of information.  They will also learn how to identify customer needs, deliver and monitor customer service and identify improvements in the provision of customer service.  Students will learn what is required to organise workplace information, their own work schedules and to monitor and obtain feedback on their work performance.